“Did You Know?” National Advertising Campaign


Watch the first national television .30 second spot that has already been produced.

We plan to produce 3 more unique television commercials in the next few months for a total of 4 in our 2015 ‘Did You Know?” Campaign.

Our ‘Did You Know?” National Advertising Campaign’ aims to fulfill our Purpose to bring hope and life to our communities through education that explores the development of babies in the womb.

Our 2014 “Did You Know?” National Television Campaign goal is to broadcast at least 22,000 television commercials at an investment of $500,000 throughout the United States.

The goal is to fulfill our mission of spreading “Did You Know?” messages like the baby’s heart is beating at 22 days, and there are measurable brain waves at 40 days. These messages will have a ripple effect of knowledge, causing pregnant women and those around her to think about life and her baby’s prenatal care.

Heartbeat At 22 invites you to Partner with us directly to get the message out.

Here’s how:

  •  Help share the message with my ongoing tax deductible donation of $22/mo
  •  Fund 22 messages for a one time tax deductible donation of $500
  •  Fund 222 messages for a one time tax deductible donation of $5000
  •  Fund 2222 messages for a one time tax deductible donation of $50000
  •  Fund ____ messages X $22 = _______ as a one time tax deductible donation.


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In Your Community:

In addition we can help you or your organization run a “Did You Know?” Television Advertising Campaign in your own community or city. To start as a minimum you only need 100 individuals to commit to $22/mo and you will see up to 1000 ads run in your community.  For more information just email us at info@heartbeat22.org.


If you have any questions just email us at info@heartbeat22.org or give us a call at 760-848-8185.