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From Pregnant and Scared to Hope! HEARTBeat At 22 has established Mama’s House, it’s first Christ-centered home ministering to the spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs of women who are in crisis pregnancies.

A Letter from Jan Lupia, founder of Mama’s HouseMama's House Brochure

Women who face an unplanned pregnancy are often overwhelmed with fear and hurdles. It takes courage to carry a baby to term and when facing uncertainty, it may seem impossible. There is an important message for these mothers: There is help and there are options … real choices! Whether they choose to parent or place the child in a loving family through adoption, they have the opportunity to find courage within themselves at Mama’s House. They will leave prepared to face a future with new found hope.

Our prayer is that more and more women will come to understand that there is a second heart beating within their body at about the time they are learning for sure they are pregnant. They already are a mother of a developing child, and our prayer is that they will choose life.

Please call today and learn more … there is a place to go and it’s just around the corner.

Mama’s House, the only home for women in crisis pregnancies in the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities!

Help these women today by:

  • Sharing the good news about Mama’s House with someone!
  • Contribute financially!
  • Volunteer your time and talents!
  • A recent study shows that 64% of women who terminated their pregnancy were pressured to do so.
  • Teen pregnancies are double the states average in the Coachella Valley.


Watch our NEW Mama’s House Public Service Announcement (PSA), prepared by CBS 2.

Help These Moms Find the Courage To Carry

Upon seeing they have choices, women in crisis pregnancies will find that the fears and uncertainties they face can be eliminated. Be a part of giving women in need a place to go and people they can rely on. Provide the necessary tools to return to their world with confidence and hope for a brighter future.

Commit To Courage

There’s a place for you at Mama’s House. We are grateful for continual prayer along with contributions of your time, talent and treasures! From gifts or in-kind services to becoming one of Mama’s Friends and volunteering your time – the ways to show or teach courage to these women is endless.

A Vision Realized

As women realize they have choices, they find the courage to carry their babies to term, and Mama's House offers shelter, loving care and support throughout the pregnancy. Mama’s House is a beacon of hope, a safe haven, and demonstrates the love of Christ. Women in great need are being given a compassionate, supportive place to carry their babies to term – whether to parent or to allow adoption.

Visit Mama's House

You are welcome to visit Mama’s House! Come and see firsthand how God has transformed this house into a loving, nurturing and safe environment for women experiencing crisis pregnancies in the Coachella Valley. The home is centrally located in Palm Desert close to Highway 111. Call 760-848-8185 or email info@heartbeatat22.org to make an appointment to visit us. Bring your friends, coworkers or church small group! We hope to see you soon!