Jasmine & Clèmentine


Before Mama’s House, I was 18 years old, stubborn and the perfect example of a screw up. I had dropped out of school and was not working. I was going out with “so called” friends and experimenting with drugs to see how high I could get. Then I fell in love and became pregnant. This was not good as my mom, two brothers and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment. My brothers were furious and wanted me to get rid of the baby. This made it an unsafe place to live and I began looking for help.

When I spoke with the lady at Mama’s House, she made me feel so comfortable I decided to go, even though I didn’t like that it was a “faith based home.” I made it obvious that I was not fond of “religion” and Christians in particular, however everyone I came into contact with – whether volunteers or staff – were full of love and kindness no matter how standoffish I behaved. I settled down, started school, got my first job, even makeup and new clothes!

I was still rebellious toward others and God and so stubborn that no one could tell me anything. The baby’s daddy decided he didn’t want a relationship or to be a father, and I began to seriously consider adoption. My daughter needed stability and a bright future, which I could not provide. She had motivated me to make life changes – no more drugs, drinking, smoking, or communication with friends who were bad influences – all this before even laying eyes on her. I wanted her to have a good life, and began a search that led to the perfect couple to raise my child.

When Clèmentine Juliet arrived on April 28th, I was unprepared for the love that flooded my hardened heart. She was perfect and I didn’t believe I could go through with the adoption. But in my stubbornness I had signed a waiver that took away the right to change my mind. Letting go of her was so hard, yet I know in my heart that it was the right thing to do. She will have a future of happiness, love, and success and that makes my day every day. I spent a day alone with her at Mama’s House before she left with her new family, and I still see those pretty lips and her little button nose. I was able to lay with her, hold her, and see her look right at me and smile with big bright eyes. I will see my Clèmentine Juliet again someday and she will know how much I loved her from day one.

Today, I am a different person. I was loved unconditionally at Mama’s House and it made me realize how much God loves me. I now feel His love flow through me toward others, and that feels good. Going to Mama’s House was the best decision I ever made and I am grateful to those who helped me become more trusting and open. I made forever friends there and know I am becoming the person I was meant to be. Thank you for supporting Mama’s House, my home. Jasmine

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