Destiny & Eli


Destiny’s Story

In October 2013 while living in Victorville, I lost my job, my boyfriend lost his job, and my mom lost hers. It was quite stressful, I was tired and listless and by the end of the month thinking I might be pregnant. What if I was? What would I do? My life would drastically change, yet I was on the verge of being homeless. I was jobless and lacked motivation, in fact I was in danger of being sucked down a dark spiral of depression. Then the lines on the pregnancy test showed up and instantly my life had changed.

The next months blurred by and I moved to the Valley to work with my dad in general contracting. Four months pregnant, I had nowhere to go and slept at job sites. I had no idea what I WAS GOING TO DO. That’s when I was given the phone number to Mama’s House.

They were very concerned about my situation, and soon took me in. I knew upon entering the wondrous home that it was full of love! It emanated off every hug, every smile, every room. All the ladies made sure I knew how special I was and they whole heartedly cared for me.

Mama’s House was my blessing, my way to start over. My life had been a roller coaster ride, sometimes high, more often low. For example, at Mama’s House, I had food! This may seem small to some, but before arriving, I didn’t know the last time I had three full meals in one day, and I was able to sleep in an actual bed every night! I learned life skills, managing funds, looking for apartments, and basic daily routines. I was able to see a doctor, go to work, and learn about the little human growing inside me.

I saved enough money to move me and my brother to our very own apartment! This would never have happened without the experience of Mama’s House. I don’t know where I would be had I not made that phone call. From Victorville to Mama’s House, the changes in my circumstances and in me are otherworldly … a complete 180! On June 27th, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Eli, and I wouldn’t trade him, nor my experience at Mama’s House for the world. Thank you to all those who make this possible for me and others!